Learn the Secrets to Overcoming Symptoms!

  • Connect the Dots

    Gain an understanding of how your symptoms are connected and what you can do about them

  • Real "Normal"

    Learn what healthy lab ranges are and why normal isn't actually 'normal'

  • Gain Clarity

    Create a clear strategy and plan to improve your health and regain quality time with family and friends

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome!

    1. Inside Scoop on Gut Health

    2. Gut Health Q&A

    3. Hormone Guru Gut Health Resources Guide

    4. Hormone Guru Gut Axis

    5. Hormone Guru Gut Detox

    6. Hormone Guru Two Types of Intestinal Permeability

    1. Hormone Functions, Symptoms of Problems, and Testing

    2. Hormone Basics Q&A

    3. Adrenal Hormones Symptom Checker

    4. Female Hormones Symptom Checker

    5. Hormone Testing Cheat Sheet

    6. Thyroid Hormones Symptom Checker

    7. Hormone Support Supplement Guide with Links

    1. Genetics 101

    2. Methylation, Histamine & Gallbladder Health

    3. Hormones and Your Genes

    4. GI Health, Our Microbiome, and Our Genes

    5. Different Types of Genetic Reports & Testing

    6. What you must know before genetics

    7. Comparison of Genetic Testing Companies

    8. Hormone Guru Genetic Quick Reference Guide

    9. Favorite Books and Nutrigenomic Resources

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Meet Salena Rothenberger

Like Dr. Tara Scott, Salena is on a mission to advocate for women and moms whose instincts are not being heard and equipping them with information to take charge of their and their family's health.

Co-founder of Hormone Guru Academy, Salena Rothenberger delved into functional medicine after failing to find answers in mainstream medicine to why her child developed autoimmune type 1 diabetes. It immediately became clear there were warning signs of severe imbalances since he was an infant. The exact same signs she spent many doctors appointments being told her son was "normal".